• Research on Software and Hardware Integrated Packet Classification for Many-core Network Processors, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, total grant: 300,000RMB, 2022-01~2024-12, Principal Investigator;
    国家自然科学基金项目, 面向众核网络处理器的软硬一体化包分类技术研究, 经费: 30万元, 2022-01~2024-12, 项目负责人;
  • Research on Network Architecture, supported by Basic Research Enhancement Program of China, total grant: 700,000RMB, 2021-10~2024-10, Principal Investigator;
    中央部委基础研究加强计划, 高安全网络体系结构, 经费: 70万元, 2021-10~2024-10, 项目负责人;
  • Research on Event-driven Network Telemetry in Large Data Center Networks, supported by International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program of China, total grant: 300,000RMB, 2021-11~2022-10, Principal Investigator;
    中国博士后国际交流计划派出项目 (2021年资助总名额: 100人), 基于事件驱动的大型数据中心网络遥测技术, 经费: 30万元, 2021-10~2023-10, 项目负责人;
  • Research on Programmable Data Plane Architecture of Software Defined Network, supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (special fund), total grant: 180,000RMB, 2020-08~2022-07, Principal Investigator;
    中国博士后科学基金第2批站前特别资助项目 (站前资助总名额: 400人), 软件定义网络可编程数据平面基础架构研究, 经费: 18万元, 2020-08~2022-07, 项目负责人;
  • Research on Scalable Packet Classification based on Reinforcement Learning, supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (general fund), total grant: 80,000RMB, 2020-08~2022-07, Principal Investigator;
    中国博士后科学基金第68批面上资助项目,  基于强化学习的可伸缩网络包分类技术研究, 经费: 8万元, 2020-08~2022-07, 项目负责人;
  • Research on ACL Algorithms, supported by H3C, total grant: 1,500,000RMB, 2021-01~2021-12, Co-Principal Investigator;
    新华三技术有限公司算法委托项目, ACL算法软件委托开发, 经费: 150万元, 2021-01~2021-12, 执行负责人;
  • Research on Programmable Network Telemetry System in Data Centers, supported by Huawei 2012 Labs, total grant: 1,070,000RMB, 2019-01~2019-12, Co-Principal Investigator;
    华为2012实验室技术委托项目, 数据中心可编程网络遥测系统研发, 经费: 107万元, 2019-01~2019-12, 执行负责人.