Selected Publications

Conference Paper:

  • Wenjun Li, Xianfeng Li, Hui Li and Gaogang Xie, “CutSplit: A Decision-Tree Combining Cutting and Splitting for Scalable Packet Classification,” In IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2018.(Best-in-Session Presentation Award), (paper, slides, codes).
  • Chonghui Ning, Wenjun Li*, Xinwei Liu, Ting Huang, Wenxia Le and Hui Li*, “EcoCAM: A Power-saving and Memory Efficient Packet Classification Scheme in TCAMs,” in IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium_Workshop on Efficient Real-time Data Network (RTSS_ERDN), 2018.
  • Wenjun Li, Xianfeng Li and Hui Li, “MEET-IP: Memory and Energy Efficient TCAM-based IP Lookup,” In International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), 2017.
  • Xianfeng Li, Yuanxin Lin and Wenjun Li, “GreenTCAM: A memory- and energy-efficient TCAM-based packet classification,” In International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), 2016.
  • Wenjun Li and Xianfeng Li, “HybridCuts: A scheme combining decomposition and cutting for packet classification,” In IEEE Annual Symposium on High-Performance Interconnects (Hot Interconnects), 2013.
  • Zhao Ruan, Xianfeng Li and Wenjun Li, “An Energy-efficient TCAM-based Packet Classification with Decision-tree Mapping,” In IEEE International Conference of IEEE Region 10 (TENCON), 2013.
  • Wenjun Li and Xianfeng Li, “Scalable Packet Classification Using Hybrid and Dynamic Cuttings,” In IEEE International Conference of IEEE Region 10 (TENCON), 2013. (Best Student Paper Award Nominated).

Journal Paper:

  • Wenjun Li, Dagang Li, Yongjie Bai, Wenxia Le and Hui Li, “A Memory-efficient Recursive Scheme for Multi-field Packet Classification,” In IET Communications, 2019. (Accepted).


  • 李文军, 李险峰, “基于TCAM的高速低功耗IP路由表查找方法,” 授权日期:2018.02.16, 中国(Authorized Chinese Patent, No. 2013103140771).
  • 李挥,李文军,李险峰,邢凯轩,苏强, “一种基于等长度和等密度切割的网络数据包分类的方法,” 申请日期:2018.03.30, 中国(PCT Application, No. PCT/CN2018/081453).